22 feb. 2013

Baby on the way

I'm just writning one post here so that I won't be forgotten :-)
Currently, I'm blogging on a Swedish portal: http://minbebis.com/blogg/emmaemma/

28 maj 2012

Something you didn't know about me 4#

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I'm going to reveal one more thing that you didn'tt know about me... I believe in ghosts!

Yes, I'm an engineer and believe in ghosts! I think it's scary, exciting and fascinating at the same time! Remember, scientificly it is actually possible. Energy can never disappear, only convert! What happens to the soul and thoughts when you die? Well, there is a spirit / ghost or energy as some like to call it!

The beach yesterday!!

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Here are some pictures from the beach yesterday when Jair went swimming! He jumped in a lot of times even if he thought it was cold in the water!

Nice picture I got!


The best commercial in a long time!!

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I just love this commercial! It's soooooo much fun!!! Please comment it here in the blog! What is your best moment in the clip? By the way it's the gummy bear song, there is a English version of it as well!

Mine is 0:13 when the kid is dancing like she was in trance and when the mum make an ugly face 0:15 and her eyes just after that!

My sister loved the kid 0:25

27 maj 2012

Swedish Beach and barbeque!

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Today me, my mum and Jair went to Näset in Gothenburg. It was a wonderful Sunday with perfect weather! Later, Emil (my brother) came back from Norway and had barbeque with us! Really nice!

Mamma and Emil on the balcony

Jair is *hungry*

26 maj 2012

Sunbathing on my balcony today!!!

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I just love my balcony! I've never had a balcony before so I never knew how wonderful it is! I live at the top and the balcony is insight protected from the sides so I don't even need to worry about what to wear! I can even sunbathe topless without anyone having an opinion about it!

Don't forget to protect your lips in the sun!

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I recommend this one!! It both smells and tastes good! Jair can't stop kissing me when I use it!

25 maj 2012

Something you didn't know about me 3#

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I faint very easy...  Sometimes I simply forget to take a breath of air and pass out. It doesn't only happen when I suddenly stand up, but also sometimes when I run and especially when I drink. For example when I have my mouth full of water/juice/beer/whatever, it's like I don't have time to take a breath that I obviously needed and then I pass out.

The last time was in Brazil when I was on a large and expensive party during the Carnival, I took a sip of my beer and passed out. When I woke up, it was like I had taken a powernap, I was feeling really great!

Sushi at Eriksberg is a must on Fridays!

24 maj 2012

Enjoying the summer on my beautiful balcony!

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When I got home, my wonderful boyfriend had already fixed "uma loira bem gelada" (literally = a blondy really cold, Brazilian slang = a really cold beer) and "camarão Alho e Óleo" (garlic fried shrimps)! YUMMY! I really enjoyed the sun,  the shrimps,  the beer and my wonderful exotic boyfriend!

Wanted! Who has decorated the streets of Gothenburg with these "wise" words?

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Who do you call, when it is the police you are scared of?

Who the hell can afford "clean flour in the bag"?
Which means in Swedish: "Who the hell can afford to earn money honestly?"

Wise words or not? What do you think? Take a side! I want to know what you think!

23 maj 2012

Something you didn't know about me #2

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I received a challenge from Eva in Athens a long time ago. Thank you Eva! Now, I'll finally do it! Three things you did not know about me ...
  1. I was a real teenybopper as a teenager! And I was a bit cocky, but always (almost always) kind to my wonderful mother!
  2. I would think it was really fun to learn belly dancing, but I'm too shy ....
  3. I was secretly in love with Gunde Svan when I was just a child... He was sooo nice looking at the "Fångarna på fortet"! (Ugh huh embarrassing, I can not believe that I just admitted that here in the blog!)
I couldn't find any pic of my as a teenager. But I can share a pic my 18 years birthday!

And the wedding?

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Some of you ask me how is it going with the wedding plans.... The answer is that we've put it on ice. It became hard to save money when only one of us have a job. It has not been easy to find a job for Jair. He just get extra jobs and he works once a week more or less... It's a very difficult situation with jobs for young people in Sweden right now, my brother even had to go to Norway to work because he couldn't find any job here.

The plan is to postpone the wedding and start to save money when Jair has a job. So after we've been in Brazil from December to January and talked to the hotel/restaurant that will host the wedding, we will take a new decision on the date of the wedding. Until then, we live our lives and enjoying every day together!

Woken up from winter coma! Now CRETE!

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Now I've finally woken up from my winter coma! I apologize for that! I hope my dear readers will come back! I have been working a lot, too much, so I have not managed more than to lie on the couch when I come home since February.

To compensate for all overtime hours and late nights at my job, I've booked a well deserved trip to Greece! More specifically to Crete!! *Excited* I will actually go next week already!

I wasn't satisfied with only 1 week in Crete in the summer so we have also booked 8 days in Portugal and 10 days in Italy in August! We will go directly from Portugal to Italy, so it will be almost "around Europe" this summer hehe!

I have also taken time off, 4 weeks to go to Brazil in December - January! Wonderful!!
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