31 mars 2011


Ohh you can’t imagine how much I miss candy, Swedish candy or any candy! Here they have nothing! Absolutely nothing at all! Just colas…. (don’t know if that’s the name for “kola” in English, I’m sure it’s not). Anyway, here is noooooo candy!!! My mum just send one of my books that I use to write down what I learned from my Portuguese classes and it costed 250 kr which is as much as 24 euros or something like that so I can clearly not afford to ask my mum to send some candy too… Poor me!!

My favorite candy in the middle! Sura cola nappar! This one I’m going to buy before I leave the airport in Gothenburg when I arrive there!

Anyway it feels a little better when I saw the new taste of Marabou chocolate, it doesn't feel that tempting anymore, if you know what I mean...
SHIT – The taste you never forget


Ohhh I’m so happy! Jair got his visa and we are finally going back to Sweden! Don’t get me wrong… I really love it here, but I really miss Sweden because of what happened here. I’m also happy because I have felt like our life has been on hold since we met. We haven’t been able to plan anything because we didn’t know when we were going to live in the same country! Now Jair has his visa in Sweden and both of us can work or study and build a life there! I’m so excited!! And even better, Jair’s excited about getting back, he has finally stopped worrying about all the snow and how cold the Swedish sea is!!!
Jair with his Swedish visa!

It was really hard to find a flight ticket for both of us on the same flight. I had to book from two different travel agencies in Sweden; Travelpartner and Doodle. A 24-hours-trip is not that nice to do alone, especially not if you have something to celebrate and the wine is for free! ;) Sweden you better get ready for the crazy couple on the 14th of June!

3,5 weeks later...

Now it has been 3.5 weeks since the accident and I already feel better! My teeth are almost back to normal, it’s only the dentist that can see the difference by looking at the X-ray. One of my front teeth is “yttepyttelite” very little more down than usual! The difference is almost impossible to see, so I feel very happy!
Me in the morning without make-up before going surfing at a beautiful autumn day in Brazil
Me in the water – Screeaaaaming!! And showing of my teeth… haha!!
I'm sure none of u can see any difference :)

25 mars 2011


I have the most beautiful, wonderful and caring boyfriend in the world. When I got beaten up during the carnival, I told you about it in my last post, my wonderful fiancé Jair took care of me every day! I got really scared to be alone and Jair didn’t leave for one second except from when he had to go to the pharmacy to buy more painkillers for me. Sometimes I insisted to come to the supermarket when he was going to buy food for me. Then Jair put me in a wheelchair that was available at the supermarket because I had really bad stomachache of all the stress of visiting 6 different hospitals in a period of 5 days.

I hated the braces I had and I was scared to death about my teeth because it was impossible to see if the teeth were alright or not when I had that braces. Everyone kept on telling me things like “Emma you will be beautiful again”, but I didn’t know what to believe and was really sad. Then the music went on, Jair put on the song “Beautiful” with Akon, I love that song and I love it even more now. He really knows how to cheer me up! He is a wonderful boyfriend, I’m so lucky to be with him and I’m happy that I found my man so early in life!

During these three weeks Jair has done everything for me. Whatever I want to eat, he buys it, cook it and come to my room with it. When I one stay at home all day to rest he stays, he actually stayed at home almost two weeks with me! He really took care of me!

Baby I don’t know what I would do without you!
You’re my life I can’t live without you!
I love you!

Beaten up!

During the carnival here, there is a lot of fights, a lot... Me and Jair had the misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, so some people tried to rob us. Jair got beaten with a piece of wood but at least he's strong enough to defend himself from getting beaten up. I wasn't a guy hit me so hard at my mouth that two of my frontteeth almost came out and I got stiches around my mouth and in my head. I don't remember a single thing from what happened at that's making me crazy.

I'm so happy that they have public hospitals in Brazil, if they didn't have that I'm sure that I would have lost a lot of blood and my two teeth too. Because it's really hard to find hospitals that use garanty for payments from European insurance companies. Thanks to the public hospital I was treated very fast and I got to keep my teeth as they called a public dentist that secured my teeth just an hour later by putting braces. The braces very the most ugly I ever seen and as I closed my mouth they had to put glue two times. The braces very so big so I had problems to close my mouth completely! The glue got also colored very easy so if I ate açai my teeth got completely purple and if I ate carrots my teeth got completely orange! I'm happy that that brace is out now, it was horrible!

2 mars 2011

Travel Tips!

Don’t wear nice big earrings in the blocos or in crowded areas during the carnival. There are girls there that just pull them right out from your ear if they like what they see, which leave you with TWO earlobes on each side of your head instead of ONE! During the carnival I always use earrings that snap of very easily if someone try to pull them out of my ear.

1 mars 2011

No playground - the street becomes a playground

The kids don’t have a playground anywhere close to where we live, but they are so smart. They use something Jair told me is from the wardrobe as some kind of sledge to go down on the road. Some kids go back home with a big hole on their shorts because their asses is bigger than the sledge that they sit down on! 

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